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Standard Duty with 1-1/2" Upright, Heavy Duty with 3" Upright. Body Clamp, U-Bolt Top, Pipe Cradle, Flange Connection, Grinnell Style Bases for #259, #264, #265, Channel Frame with U-Bolt, Concrete Base Half Clamp, Custom Design

Wall Brackets
Angle Iron Frame with U-Bolt, W-beam Base with U-Bolt, Body Clamp, Custom Design

Vent Piping
180-Degree Gooseneck with Welded Screen, Flange & Screen Bolted Assembly, Underground Vault, Straight with Perforations, Flange Screens, Break Away Couplings, Buzzard Screens

AWWA "P" style lugs/"RR" style rings, 150# & 300# flange lugs, Blow Off W-Beam Thrust Restraint

Process Piping
Water Treatment, Waste Water Treatment, Air Piping, Discharge & Suction Headers, Pump Cans, Pressure Reducing Vaults, Pump Stations, Fabricated Reducers, Flanged 150# x 300# Transitions, Overflow Piping, Truck Loading Stations, Pump Skid Piping, Victaulic Style Fittings, Manifolds, Mining Process Piping

Valve Stem Extensions
Standard 2" Operating Nut, Center Ring & Set Screws, Removable Top Nut, U-Joint, Pentagon Reuse Nut & Socket, Keystone Valve Actuators, Manhole Stem Guides, Customer Design

T-Handle Wrenches
Standard 2" Operating Nut, Mud Relief, Adjustable Length, Custom Design

Air Valve Braces, Valve Box Support Plates, Wall Plates, Reverse Anchor Plates, Pipe Bollards, Floor & Wall Sleeves, Corrugated Metal Pipe Access Covers, Custom Horizontal Meter Setters, Copper Blow-Off Risers, Non-Sealing Flapper Valves, Curb Keys

CNC Milling, Lathe, Flat Facing Flanges (Up to 14" 150# Fg & 12" 300# Fg), Spacer Flanges (same sizes), Victaulic Cut Grooving For Ductile & Steel up to 18" Pipe, Reducing Slip On Flanges

Coating - Lining
AWWA C209 Tape Wrap, AWWA C210 Epoxy Linings, NSF 61 Coatings & Linings, SP 2000, Hot Dip Galvanizing, Zinc Electro Plating, Powder Coating

Epoxy Lining

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